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How to Have a Healthier Life AND a Better Business!

Woman with dog on the leash walking in the forest back to cameraOne of the most enjoyable aspects of writing blogs is doing the research to find information worth sharing with you. The idea for this blog came from reading an article in the paper this past Saturday titled, “Americans could prevent roughly half of all cancer deaths by doing these four things”. Building on the idea of taking charge of your own health, this blog not only gives you four steps to take so you can have a healthier life, but takes it a step further and gives you a couple of pointers on how to have a healthier business as well. Read on to find out how to bring better health to multiple parts of your life!

Four Good Health Ideas

  1. Walking/Exercise. Walking 30 minutes a day, five days a week is a major step in the right direction toward better health. Both the cardiologist and the oncologist Read the rest of this entry »

Seven Ways to Snap Back from a Vacation, Illness, Slow Start, or Nasty Slump

Back to Work reminder on a wall calendarNo matter how much experience you have or how successful you’ve been, everyone occasionally performs at a level that’s just not acceptable. Surprisingly, I hear more about this from the top 20% of agents than from any other group, but this blog “Seven Ways to Snap Back from a Vacation, Illness, Slow Start, or Nasty Slump” was written while considering agents at all levels. The idea came shortly after I made reservations for Carolyn and I to spend a few days at the Outer Banks of North Carolina this summer. I remembered those days when I returned to the reality of work from vacation and needed a quick deal to get back in the “sales groove.” I also remembered looking at my production goals at mid-year and realizing I was considerably below what was acceptable. Believe me when I say that I’ve been through all of the experiences cited in the title of this article, which is why I have so many ways to recommend getting back in the saddle!

Snapping Back

1. Call Your “Core Group.” These are the people who’ve given you the most referrals and to whom you speak on a frequent basis—the top 10% of your Sphere of Influence. If you haven’t identified this group, take the time to do it now. Even better? Don’t just call; have lunch, coffee, etc., where you can do some serious talking and ask the Million-Dollar Question: “Who do you Read the rest of this entry »

A 48-Hour Checklist for Every New Listing

48H iconMost law enforcement experts will tell you that the first 48 hours after a crime has been committed is the prime time to solve the crime. Well, the first 48 hours after you list a home for sale is “Prime Time” to find a buyer and validate to the seller that they’ve chosen the right agent. This blog “A 48-Hour Checklist for Every New Listing” outlines a short list of tasks that can energize the marketing and servicing processes and lead to a successful conclusion—and a customer for life.

No Time to Waste

✓       Install the signs. Note that I say SIGNS and not The Sign. More signs lead to more Read the rest of this entry »