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First-Time Home Sellers Need to Know These Three Things Before You List Their Home

Almost half (42%) of the listings sold last year in the U.S. were sold by first-time home sellers. Because it’s their first experience with this side of the transaction, it’s important and wise to prepare them for the selling process and eliminate as many surprises as possible. Below I highlight three items that should be discussed prior to putting the home on the market; by doing so, you enable a selling transaction that is fast, fair, and as hassle-free as possible.

The Big Three

Young Family Looking at a Beautiful New Home with a For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front.1. The Home Selling Process. Every seller, but especially those selling their first home, should know and understand the home-selling process in their area. Not knowing what to expect is much more stressful than actually dealing with problems, because what a person imagines can be much more dire and stressful than what actually happens! As I’ve said so many times before, clients want INFORMATION from a REALTOR®, so in most instances, “the source of the information is also the source of the sale.” Be that source! To help them more easily understand the entire process, I recommend that you use a Read the rest of this entry »

Millennials are Rocking the Real Estate Market – Here’s How to Rock with Them!

MILLENIALS | Concept WallpaperThe National Association of REALTORS® just released the findings of the NAR Generational Survey, and the gems contained within became the basis for this blog (there’s a link to the full survey results at the end of the blog). What did it have to say? Millennials, aka the generation less than 34 years old, are the largest buyer group in the U.S. and use the Internet and real estate agents to search for homes. This is good news, but many agents and real estate companies still face difficulty landing Millennial clients. Why? Because they haven’t adjusted their prospecting (lead generation) techniques enough to develop a relationship with this group. In order to become the Agent of Choice with this group of buyers, Read the rest of this entry »

Three Ideas to Enhance Your Customer Value Proposition

Young happy, smiling  woman with two thumbs up sign gestureReal estate customers today want to know why they should select you as their agent instead of one of many other agents. This blog “Three Ideas to Enhance Your Customer Value Proposition” can’t answer that question for you, but these three ideas will help you get started. The 2015 customer doesn’t need an agent to find a house to buy or to put a “For Sale” sign in the yard; they can do those things themselves. Instead, they want to know what value you bring to the transaction. Fortunately, you HAVE value—they just want to know what it is! They don’t care if you were the #1 agent in your office 12 months in a row or if you have 22 real estate designations; they want to know what you have that makes you the best agent for THEM , and that is the subject of this blog.

Value-Added Ideas

1. Start with a list of buyer or seller services. List all of the services you provide to your prospects and customers and briefly describe the benefit to the client. Don’t put anything about searching the MLS, because they already have that access; it’s not a unique service you offer them. Instead, you can talk about Read the rest of this entry »