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Six Ways to Elevate Your Real Estate Career

?????????????????????1. Start By Thinking Big. Or maybe I should have said, “Stop thinking small.” Small thinking is reflected in such statements as, “I’m retired and really don’t need that much money” or “I don’t live in a big city, so making a lot of money here is almost impossible” or “I really don’t want to have the problems that come with selling a lot of houses.”

As my friends in Jersey say, “Fugeddaboutit.”

Those who plan for and think they’ll reach A Big Number and don’t make it will still, on average, do better than if they aimed for a small number and made it. Would you want to list your house with an agent who didn’t need or want the money? My answer is an emphatic NO!

2. Get the Tools. The idea of waiting until you make money to get a computer, iPad, webcam/camcorder, or smartphone—or to set up a website or database—is the same as a retailer waiting until they have customers before they get any stock on the shelves. Many agents never give themselves a chance to reach the next level because they don’t have the right tools. These tools cost a lot less than a struggling business—and some agents struggle their entire careers. The difference between struggling and soaring is usually caused by small things like the TOOLS!

3. Do the Research and Work the Markets with Potential. A neighborhood farm can be a huge source of sales and profits, but it can also be a disaster Read the rest of this entry »

Creating Effective Business-Building Relationships

Referrals Blue MarkerReferrals have been the #1 source of business in real estate sales ever since real estate was invented. When I ask agents about their sources of business, referrals are most often on the top of their list. Of course, the number of referrals a salesperson gets is in direct proportion to the number of friends or people they know and stay in touch with on a frequent ongoing basis. Many agents don’t do well in real estate because they don’t have enough relationships with the right people or they don’t make enough contacts to achieve top-of-mind recognition. This blog “Creating Effective Business-Building Relationships” contains several how-to ideas for developing and maintaining relationships that will help your business GROW.

Build the Contacts. A salesperson can never have too many contacts, but many agents fail because they never had enough. I’m appalled at the number of salespeople I meet who don’t wear a nametag or have a business card (!), both of which are fundamental to meeting new people and expanding a list of contacts. When a person thinks about real estate, they should think about you; this is top-of-mind recognition, and it’s fundamental to building any business…and it comes about as a result of numerous ongoing contacts with that person. You can’t catch a fish with your hands in your pockets, and you can’t build your business just sitting in the office. Want more referrals? Make more contacts.

Engage the Right People. The Declaration of Independence states that all people are created equal; while that’s true, all contacts are certainly NOT Read the rest of this entry »

Eight Techniques to Increase Your Listing Inventory

Happy realtor woman showing home for sale sign and thumbs upI don’t remember how many meetings I’ve had this week with real estate agents, but in every meeting the statement “we need more listings” came up and was discussed. True! We all need more listings, we never have enough, and without listings nothing much happens. But how do we get more?

This blog “Eight Techniques to Increase Your Listing Inventory” was written to remind you that getting more listings is more than just prospecting or asking for them. Having a listing inventory is key to having a successful real estate career; sure, I know people who are buyer specialists who do very well, but most of the truly top agents I know Read the rest of this entry »