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4 Tips on How to Sell Unlisted Properties

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In most cities and towns in the USA there are many different real estate markets within the market.  The demand for homes in different price ranges varies from price range to price range  and from location to location which can create havoc in the real estate market for those agents who only look at the multiple listing service or Zillow or realtor.com for listings for sale.  It is important to know that there are many opportunities in every market to find Sellers who want to sell who have not listed their homes with anyone.  Waiting for homes to be listed is not smart.  This blog, “4 Tips on How to Sell Unlisted Properties” contains some serious opportunities that can reduce the waiting for a new listing and open a new source of profitable opportunities.

Do You Have A Home For These Buyers ?

Market the Buyers- It is reasonable to think that there are as many or more homeowners thinking about selling than there are who are actually selling and one of the first thoughts that they have is who should we call.  Research done by the National Association of REALTORS® indicates that 70% of the Sellers only call one agent.  I am convinced that most Homeowners would prefer listing their home with an agent that Read the rest of this entry »

4 Direct Mail Ideas to Make You More Money

 Without a sufficient number of listings, real estate agents struggle—but this blog isn’t about struggling. Instead, it’s about creating possibilities, and direct mail is a prime way to create an abundance of possibilities. This blog, “4 Direct Mail Ideas To Make You More Money” contains an explanation of why direct mail has been a proven success since the days of the Pony Express and how you can take advantage of that success. I don’t think it’s feasible to create and sustain a profitable real estate business without a consistent direct mail program, so read on!

The Mailbag

  1. Advantages of direct mail:
  • Every homeowner in the U.S. has a mailing address—and these addresses are readily available and can be found by any assistant.
  • Comparatively speaking, it’s very affordable. You may even consider it “cheap” if you use the USPS. Check it out  http://tinyurl.com/jqxlw4f
  • If you send items of value, they can be kept by the homeowner and shared with their friends or posted on the bulletin board in their kitchen under the label “Our REALTOR®.”
  • An entire program can be managed and implemented by an assistant or virtual assistant.
  1. Post Cards ROCK. If you send someone something in an envelope and they don’t like it, they’ll never open another one—and if they don’t know you, they may just throw it away. There’s a much better chance of your postcard being read than your envelope being opened.
  1. Easily customizable. Direct mail can readily be customized with different material for different audiences, including the must-haves: sellers, buyers, FSBOs, expired listings, and first-time buyers. The more you send, the more you’ll make.
  1. YOU are the focus. Direct mail is one of the best things you can do to send a message from you and you alone. With a postcard or a newsletter you can give people vital information that they want, and yet you still have a wonderful opportunity to showcase who you are and what you do.

Special Delivery

Approximately 70% of buyers and sellers only interview ONE real estate agent, and you increase the odds of being that agent with every contact you make. Direct mail alone is not sufficient to create a large volume of leads, but direct mail combined with face-to-face and voice-to-voice can create more leads than one person can handle. Be that person!

Three Tips on How to Best Negotiate for the Seller

 Research indicates that negotiation is one of the real estate skills most highly sought after by customers. Every buyer and seller expects their agent to negotiate on their behalf, and rightly so—but negotiating a real estate transaction for a client is more than faxing a contract back and forth between agents until a sale is made or lost. This article “Three Tips on How to Best Negotiate for the Seller” contains three things you can do during the transaction to help your negotiating power and thus enhance your reputation and your value to the client.

Three for the Money

1. Establish Seller Motivations. Two questions you should ask on the first interview about the listing are: “Why are you moving?” and “What is your timeline?” In many instances the primary motivation isn’t getting the most money, but agents who don’t know the actual driving force behind the sale will invariably assume just that. The sellers could be motivated by wanting to downsize, or they need to be in their new home by June, or they want to sell now and rent back for three months for some reason. Seldom is the primary motivation the most money! Ask the right questions, and you can negotiate the right deal. Read the rest of this entry »