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Learning SOOO much in my class in Roanoke for buyers interested in buying distressed properties! I'm ready to sell even more foreclosures and short sales. Thanks to Leroy Houser for a great class. :)
Donna Travis, REALTOR

A Checklist of Summer Activities to Guarantee Sales & Listings in the Fall

 Blog picCarolyn and I spent a few days this past week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and it brought back some pleasant memories of thoughts I had and plans we made on past vacations that made our lives and business better. There were times I went on vacation when my business was sagging, and I made plans for correcting the sag when vacation was over. I hope this checklist is something you think about on vacation that can cause your business and your life to soar to new heights in September through December!

Five Action Items for June, July, and August

  1. Contact the people you’ve forgotten. Most of us have people we’ve lost touch with for one reason or another; summer is a good time to renew those contacts, so start by Read the rest of this entry »

Four Potential Home Seller Responses to an Offer

smiling woman holding a contract and exulting because she's good at her work

How you handle an offer to purchase has a direct bearing on successfully negotiating the eventual sale. This blog “Four Potential Home Seller Responses to an Offer” contains information critical to the entire negotiating process because it outlines different ways to react to an offer to purchase. How the seller responds to the initial offer has tremendous influence on the final outcome, so reviewing these options with the seller prior to offering the property for sale helps prepare them for the entire negotiating process prior to actually having an offer to present.

Four Possibilities

  1. Accept the Offer. Time is critical in handling any offer, and if the offer is acceptable to the seller, it should be signed immediately and delivered to the buyer’s agent ASAP. Verbal acceptance is not Read the rest of this entry »

How to Have a Healthier Life AND a Better Business!

Woman with dog on the leash walking in the forest back to cameraOne of the most enjoyable aspects of writing blogs is doing the research to find information worth sharing with you. The idea for this blog came from reading an article in the paper this past Saturday titled, “Americans could prevent roughly half of all cancer deaths by doing these four things”. Building on the idea of taking charge of your own health, this blog not only gives you four steps to take so you can have a healthier life, but takes it a step further and gives you a couple of pointers on how to have a healthier business as well. Read on to find out how to bring better health to multiple parts of your life!

Four Good Health Ideas

  1. Walking/Exercise. Walking 30 minutes a day, five days a week is a major step in the right direction toward better health. Both the cardiologist and the oncologist Read the rest of this entry »