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"We have had the good fortune to have LeRoy Houser teach several CRS classes here in Oklahoma. While all the CRS instructors are great, LeRoy Houser is EXCEPTIONAL."
- Andy Newman, Broker Associate, CRS, GRI - Centennial Real Estate LLC

Being Busy Just Isn’t Good Enough

Final listWhen I was a student at Virginia Tech, I had a professor named Lucy Crawford who taught a course that included a lecture on time management. She divided the conventional “To Do” list into three sections: Nice To Do’s, Should Do’s, and Must Do’s. She also spent quite some time explaining each of the categories and why they were important.

Of the endless amount of time management courses I’ve taken or taught, every one of them contained a To Do list of some kind. I’ve had a list of some kind most of my life and for most of the days I’ve worked, but I wish I had listened to Lucy Crawford more than I did about how to sort those lists! The problem with a conventional To Do list is that it tends to accumulate more and more items, and all of those to-do’s are “high priority.” But let’s be realistic—not every one of the items on most lists is a Must Do. By turning everything into a Must Do, you just end up being endlessly busy instead of smartly moving your business and career forward. Instead, real Must Do items are the ones that lead to accomplishment, help you meet the goals you’ve set, and move you towards having a BIG LIFE!

Three Must Do Tips

1. The Short List. Have a short list for every day that contains the one or two things that can help you obtain your goal (your passion). My list today has 2 items on it: write the “Busy” blog, and write Section One of Wired for Buyers. Nothing more! I need to get a haircut, make four telephone calls, pay two invoices, go to the fishing show, buy a new saw, etc., but if I Read the rest of this entry »

Three Techniques to Increase Your Website’s Effectiveness

??????????????????I can’t count the number of times in the past two months that an agent has told me, “I never make money with my website.” Just having a website won’t make you any more money than having a fishing rod will make you a fisherman; it’s what you DO with the fishing rod or the website that creates the success. This blog “Three Ways to Increase Your Website’s Effectiveness” contains three simple but extremely effective techniques to make your website a vital part of your success with buyers and sellers.

The BIG Three

1. Build the Traffic. Most of the traffic on an agent’s website is created by the agent; it doesn’t come from someone searching for an agent or a house in Real Estate USA. Over half of the business cards I get have no web address—or if they have one, it’s wrong (or points to a site with nothing on it – see #2 below). Your website URL should be Read the rest of this entry »

Three Essential Topics to Cover When Counseling Home Buyers (AKA “The Big 3”)

???????????????????????????The news is out: this is going to be a great real estate year, so now’s the time to position yourself for a BIG YEAR! The three topics covered in this blog should be looked at as customer service items and not merely as counseling questions. Here’s another way to look at it: a good doctor is meticulous about finding out what’s wrong before they suggest a cure for what ails you. The same is true of a good real estate agent—they find out as much as they can about their customer before they start showing and selling. These Big 3 topics will help you uncover the details you need so the selling process will be a success.

The Big 3

1. Financial Factors. Obtaining a loan is a major stress factor for many potential home buyers, but you can decrease this stress by providing them with Read the rest of this entry »