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"We have had the good fortune to have LeRoy Houser teach several CRS classes here in Oklahoma. While all the CRS instructors are great, LeRoy Houser is EXCEPTIONAL."
- Andy Newman, Broker Associate, CRS, GRI - Centennial Real Estate LLC

Create a Personal Resume to Distinguish Yourself

You don’t have to be in real estate very long to realize that all real estate agents are not created equal. Some have a wagon-full of information for buyers and sellers and delivery mechanisms that attract and inform potential prospects and separate themselves from the real estate herd. Others have very little or nothing at all to inform, inspire, or distinguish themselves other than maybe a business card.

Home buyers and sellers today shop extensively online without contacting a real estate agent until they find a house to buy. Without a sufficient resume on your website or an information package, it’s very difficult to compete with an agent who explains who that agent is and what they have to offer as a person. This blog “Create a Personal Resume to Distinguish Yourself from the Competition” explains the best ways to present yourself and set yourself apart as The Agent of Choice.

The How-Tos of Creating a Distinguishing Personal Resume 

briefcaseThe Right Style. Resumes come in two main styles: templates and narratives. Each has their plusses and minuses, and many agents have both. The template resume is typical of a resume that would be attached to an application of some kind, and the information is usually separated by bullet points (here’s an example: http://tinyurl.com/ocfh98l). On the other hand, a narrative resume is written like a story and contains paragraphs instead of bullet points. I use a narrative resume for most of my work; you can see a print a copy of mine here: http://leroyhouserseminars.com/about/. I use this style of resume the most because the majority of my customers know me and do not need the detail that would be included in a template design. For capturing a new lead, the template style of resume usually works best and should be posted on websites and included in information packages.

A Video Resume. This can be a game-changer for the online shopper. A total stranger has the opportunity to hear your voice and see your face, and when you’re competing with other agents who don’t have video, these traits immediately distinguish you from the competition. You can also include Read the rest of this entry »

The Residential Rental Market Presents a World of Opportunities

Property management is the “cash cow” of real estate and in a tough real estate market, the profits or cash from a property management business can save the day for a real estate company or agent. It certainly saved the day for our real estate company in the early 1980’s when the market tanked. Since it fits perfectly into a residential sales operation, I wrote “The Residential Rental Market Presents a World of Opportunities” to shed new light on this potential source of income that some companies and agents completely overlook. I also want to emphasize the important role that these rentals will play in residential sales in the future.

Opportunities Rentals Create 

Home For Rent SignSmall Space, Big Money. Property management doesn’t take up a lot of floor space in a real estate office compared to the space needed for an average-sized sales office, so the income per square foot could be substantial. I have many agents in my seminars who Read the rest of this entry »

4 Situations When Contingency Offers Are a Good Idea


I can remember a time as a salesman and a broker/owner when almost every offer was written contingent on selling another property. As a matter of fact, those contingent offers created a sizeable number of listings that we wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t written contingent offers. Today, buyers are encouraged to write offers that are contingent on nothing, but there are still situations in which writing an offer contingent on selling the buyer’s home is a good idea.

4 Contingent Situations

Business contract  - businessman signing a contract1. When there have been no other offers. If a homeowner has had a property on the market for an eternity and has had no offers, a contingency offer may be just the ticket to getting the price reduced and the property SOLD. We all know that one of the biggest reasons homes don’t sell is that they’re overpriced. The online shopper knows in a flash that those homes are overpriced and doesn’t even look at them. But if someone has a house to sell and needs the time to sell it, one of these overpriced properties may offer the perfect opportunity.

2. When the buyer has cash. If the buyer will make a sizeable cash deposit and agrees to forfeit Read the rest of this entry »