"Exciting, Motivational,
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"I cannot recommend a class from LeRoy enough! The agents always look forward to LeRoy coming because of his exciting, informative teaching style and his ability to engage his audience. His classes always deal with leading-edge topics and give us new tools with which to improve our service to our clients." - James R. Imhoff, CEO - First Weber Group

LeRoy’s Seminars

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LeRoy’s Seminars

I have been in the residential real estate business most of my adult life and have been a teacher/trainer since I graduated from Virginia Tech in 1964. Not only have I taught thousands of seminars, but I have been a student in more classes than I can count, and I know well the feeling of taking a class that doesn’t offer current, useable information. You won’t get that feeling in any of my seminars! My value proposition to course sponsors and students is that any seminar I teach will feature up-to-date “how-to” information that can be used immediately and will make the student money. My students and course sponsors have told me so over and over again, and this is what I deliver—I promise!

 LeRoy’s Half-Day/3-Hour Seminars

Half-day seminars have become extremely popular within the real estate community; they’re affordable and are preferred by the many agents who just can’t take a full day class for a variety of reasons. The format of the class makes it possible to update the subject matter very quickly, or to adjust it to meet a particular need of the course sponsor.

 Listings Triple Play: Pricing, Marketing & Presentations


  • A 3 part Seller presentation- Telephone, Fed/Ex and In Person.
  • How to calculate and present Price, including the Absorption Rate
  • Techniques to increase the odds of getting the listing.
  • Scripts and Dialogues to enhance your effectiveness
  • How to convert a Seller lead to a listing appointment.
  • Online and Offline marketing techniques for the NEW market.
  • How to use a Seller Lead Sheet to convert a seller lead

View the flyer for Listings Triple Play: Keller Williams Flier Template – Listings Triple Play


Hardcore Prospecting

A real estate agent can never have too many leads—NEVER—so this seminar has one focus: leads and how to get more of them. This is the seminar for course sponsors looking to stimulate and motivate a sales force. Why? Because it’s an action-packed, technique-filled event!


  • Characteristics of current home buyers, and how they shop for a home and a REALTOR®
  • How to be found on the Internet
  • How to build relationships quickly and effectively
  • How to develop the real estate money machine, aka the Sphere of Influence
  • How to develop leads with the top 5 database categories
  • How to target market: first-time homebuyers & neighborhood farms
  • How to engage, communicate and convert the online buyer prospect
  • How to create a YouTube video in less than 10 minutes!

View the flyer for Hardcore Prospecting: Keller-Williams-Flier-Template-Hardcore-Prospecting

Contemporary Business Planning

Everyone loves this course because it’s so practical. A well-thought-out business plan gives a person HOPE, because the process of developing the plan is the same as the process of developing a business. Once an agent knows how many sales and listings they need to earn a certain income, they’re more likely to earn that income. It’s always better to work towards a goal or purpose!


  • Understanding the formula for determining the number of sales and listings required to earn a certain income (this is a real “A-ha!” moment for most students)
  • A system for determining monthly production goals
  • A how-to exercise about creating personal goals for the next 12 months
  • A short course on retirement planning
  • Techniques and systems for creating and managing both personal and business budgets

View the flyer for Contemporary Business Planning: Keller Williams Flier Template – Contemporary Business Planning

Wired for Buyers, aka A Contemporary Buyers Seminar


  • Highlights of the Digital House Hunt Study, a collaboration between Google and the National Association of REALTORS® to determine the home shopping characteristics of the modern online home buyer
  • Negotiating techniques and strategies for experienced and inexperienced real estate salespersons; includes questions to ask and scripts to use
  • Buyer counseling techniques for offline and online buyers
  • Millennials: who they are, what they buy, and how to effectively become their REALTOR® of choice

LeRoy’s 1-Day Seminars

  How to Create and Maintain a Successful Real Estate Business

This is a program I wrote for new agents and agents that need a “reboot.” I’ve taught this seminar more than any other I’ve written, and for many different companies and organizations. It is a 100% fundamentals course that covers the essentials of creating a successful real estate business. It can fit easily within any training program and can be done repeatedly within the same association, company, or real estate office. Many times I have managers, top 10% agents, and struggling agents in the same seminar—and if a new agent was going to take only one course, this would be the course, no question about it! There’s something for everyone in this seminar; it’s truly a “How-To” program.


  • Six critical skills for success
  • Sources of buyer and seller prospects
  • How to get into the FLOW with people you know (and total strangers)
  • The numbers every agent needs to know
  • Database prospecting, from distribution lists to CRM programs
  • 6 basic and critical database customer categories
  • How to establish and maintain a Sphere of Influence
  • The fundamentals of creating a neighborhood farm
  • Scripts for engaging buyers and sellers
  • How to make your first video
  • How to create a communication system using direct mail, email, and videos