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3 Fundamental Ways to Spread the News that You’re a Real Estate Agent

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

I’ve been in real estate a long time, and the one thing that really bugs me is the number of agents who just don’t understand that in order to make enough money to have a successful career, you must continuously spread the word that you’re a real estate agent. What’s so difficult about that? I’ll never know why people spend all of that time and money to get a real estate license and then don’t do anything to let people know that they have houses for sale and buyers to buy other houses. It’s not that tough to do – you just have to DO IT!

Start Spreadin’ the News

Have a Business Card System, or at least have a business card. It’s not uncommon for me to teach a real estate class in which nearly half of the agents in attendance don’t have business cards. What would happen if they ran into a buyer prospect and didn’t have a card to give out? Chances are it wouldn’t even happen—because people who don’t have cards don’t expect to find prospects, and they’re usually right. Not only should you always have a card (how difficult is it, really?) but you should find a way to give out at least five a day. This was the first prospecting system I learned, and did it ever work! It will work just as well today. What this little system did was make me find enough people to hand cards to, because after a month I ran out of people. Here’s a real-life example: I rarely find a car salesman who has business cards, and I’ve never bought from the same salesman twice because I forgot who they all were. People expect a salesperson to have a business card, and all the smartphones and computers in the world won’t change that one bit.

Wear a nametag. Some agents get the idea that prospects will automatically know they sell real estate and will miraculously call when they need to buy or sell. I wish I’d kept count of all of the prospects I got from wearing a $5 nametag! How in the world will someone know you’re a real estate agent if you don’t wear a nametag or give them a business card? To be known as an agent and for people to spread the news that you’re in real estate, they first must see the evidence.

Embrace a database. Real estate database software has been around for 30 years, and learning how to use this technology is a matter of a day or two at most. However, without managing a database that contains a sufficient number of contacts (more than 200) the chances of having a successful moneymaking career in real estate are minimal. That’s part of the reason why the average real estate agent has an annual gross income of $45,000 according to NAR. If you don’t want to take the time to learn how to use a database and manage your contacts, at least hire an assistant to do it for you. The blog you’re reading right now is sent to more than 2,000 contacts a week, and the assistant who does this for me sends the blog and posts it on my website in less than three hours. You could have the same thing being done for you, which would supply you with an endless number of leads and a bucket full of MONEY.

The Dead End

The key to having a BIG real estate career is to have enough leads to convert into enough prospects who list enough houses with you for you to Make It Big. That can only happen if you spread the news that you have houses to sell and people to buy them! These three techniques can make a difference in any salesperson’s career anywhere in this world. If you’re going to work, why not work BIG and have a BIG career?