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In-the-Car Scripts Every Agent Should Know and Use

Couple in carBuying a home is very high up on the Stress List, usually topped only by sickness, death, and career/family situations. You can mitigate the stress for a prospective homebuyer, however, by using these scripts in the car while on the way to the first showing. Don’t underestimate what a positive impact these conversations can have! Case in point: a few years ago I had rotator cuff surgery. While I was on the gurney waiting to go into the OR, the surgeon came by and asked me if I had any concerns. I replied that I was concerned he may do the procedure on the wrong shoulder and I’d have to go through all this again; he immediately produced a Sharpie and wrote on my shoulder “This Arm.” Such a simple thing for him to do, but it was just what I needed! These four scripts can have the same effect on your client regardless of their home buying intentions.

Car Talk

  1. “Tell me everything.” You can start this conversation by saying, “None of the homes we’re going to see are mine, so please tell me everything you see—the good and the bad. You’re not going to hurt my feelings.” This script opens the door for unlimited dialogue and confirms the fact that you want them to be satisfied.
  2. “If you don’t like the outside, please go in anyway.” “There may be a home you don’t like from the outside, but I’d like for you to go in anyway because we made an appointment and I don’t want the other agent or the homeowner to think we ignored them. But if we’re in a home and you don’t like it, tell me and we’ll leave immediately. You don’t need to see more of what you don’t like.” This script is very important when you have an excellent home with very poor curb appeal. Also, this script affirms to your clients/customers that you’re looking out for them.
  3. “There are two types of homes: Opportunities and Deals.” “The first two homes we’re going to see are what I refer to as ‘Deal’ homes, because they’re priced a tad below the market and the owners will pay all of the closing costs. They both need some work and they’ve been on the market for quite a while, but they’re a DEAL. The next two homes are what I refer to as ‘Opportunity’ homes because they have qualities most people want in a home: they offer quick occupancy, they’ve been inspected by a home inspector and all of the suggested repairs have been done, they’ve been staged, they’re priced to sell, and they’re new listings. We call them opportunities because you really have only one opportunity to buy them because they’ll sell quickly.” Your clients may say, “Could we see the Opportunities first?” Guard against overstating a property’s strong points, and don’t make every home an opportunity or a deal unless it truly is one or the other. This is a STRONG script.
  4. Could you live here? Wonderful closing script: “After we finish viewing the property and before we get in the car, I’m going to ask you, ‘If there were no other houses for sale, could you live here?’ If you say no, I’ll never mention this home again; if you say yes, I’ll keep it on the list of possibilities.” This is a very comforting technique for most buyers, especially first-time homebuyers; they don’t want you to pressure them, but they just may not know how the process works, so this eases them into it. Plus, for a new agent this is a wonderful way to begin the negotiating process, because the answer to the question may be, “Well, if the owner would pay closing costs and repair the driveway, we’d be interested.” I don’t need to tell you what to do if this is the reply, do I?

Something to Think About

Working hard is a requirement for gaining access to the Top 10% of anything worth having. However, working on the right stuff is just as important as working hard. The three keys contained in this blog are the right stuff, but unfortunately too many people work hard on things that don’t matter one way or the other. The agents who spend most of their time generating listing leads, marketing listings, and finding buyers either are or will be in the Top 10%. The real estate book that I have in my library that I use as my real estate encyclopedia of sales and listing information is Gary Keller’s book “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” which is available at: http://tinyurl.com/oypx3xc and it will be $15 very well spent.