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Listings to the MAX!

A 1/2 Day Seminar

Listings are the primary focus of top real estate agents and companies, so they’re also the sole focus of this seminar. Listings provide unlimited opportunities to not only market a property, but also the agent and company—and without them, it’s almost impossible for an agent to reach maximum productivity.

The seminar material highlights the latest online and offline techniques employed by successful salespeople to obtain, market and sell listing. Students will learn:

  • Lead generation techniques for creating an endless supply of online and offline leads
  • How to work expired listings as a source of both listings and sales
  • How to work the “listing neighborhood” to get more leads
  • How to calculate and present the Right Price to the owners using techniques that are logical and understandable.
  • How to obtain maximum exposure for a new listing in the first 24 hours
  • Ideas for re-pricing a listing that has been rejected by the market
  • What home sellers want most from salespeople
  • Scripts and dialogues that help achieve a positive outcome for both home sellers and their agent.

 Hardcore Prospecting & Lead Generation

A 1/2 Day Seminar

A real estate agent can never have enough leads—No Never!! Creating leads is the No. 1 job of every real estate agent and every real estate company and office.  Without sufficient leads nothing works.  Most of the individuals who go through the process of getting a real estate license and selecting a real estate company certainly have enough aptitude and motivation to sell real estate but what they lack is the systems and techniques to get enough leads to make enough sales to have a career.  This seminar has one focus LEADS and how to get them.  This is a fresh new seminar that is built on the realities of the “marketplace,” and includes those techniques and systems that the Top 20% of the agents use to sell 80% of the real estate.

In this course students will learn:

  • Sources of Leads
  • How to convert a lead into a prospect
  • The fundamental components of a BRAND
  • How to organize a database into a lead generating machine
  • How to select and communicate with a Neighborhood Farm.
  • How to meet and greet people face to face (f2f) or voice-to-voice (v2v).
  • How to generate and capture on line leads.
  • How to prospect Expired listings.
  • How to create a YouTube video in less than 10 minutes.

Systems and Strategies Necessary to Create an Effective and Profitable Real Estate Business

Approved for Continuing Education in Some States

LeRoy wrote this course to teach students those skills and techniques necessary to successfully identify, engage and communicate with those individuals who are potential home buyers and sellers in a manner that will reflect the ultimate in customer service and ethics.

In this course students will learn:

  • How to establish a referral business.
  • How to get in the flow with people.
  • Prospecting systems to get sales and listings now.
  • How to make money with people you know.
  • Questions to ask buyers and sellers.
  • Major sources of buyer and seller prospects.
  • 22 Tips from the pros.

Real Estate 10.0

Approved for Continuing Education in Some States

The purpose of this seminar is to present an educational program that is beneficial to both the Realtors that are in attendance and the customers that they represent now and in the future. The subject matter was developed around the most recent data from various REALTOR and business organizations, and a diverse group of professional real estate salespeople.

In this course students will learn:

  • 15 Ideas/Factors that every real estate salesperson should know.
  • Database management systems.
  • How to use a database to make more profit.
  • How to create an effective listing presentation that will actually exceed a customer’s expectations.
  • Pricing strategies to use in a buyers market.
  • How to calculate absorption rates and the odds of selling the house.
  • How to sell unsold/hard to sell inventory.

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